St. Mira's College For Girls, Pune

Autonomous - Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

Re-accredited by NAAC 'A' Grade (Third Cycle June 2017)

Awarded: Best College-SPPU (2002); , UGC-CPE (2005), UGC-CPE (2010)


Romeo and Juliet

A Musical Adaptation: Romeo and Juliet

22nd Dec 2017

The students in the TYBA optional English class study the famous tragedy by Shakespeare called Romeo and Juliet. This inspired an ambitious plan that involved a hundred students from the college across all streams. They helped script the play, design tickets, market and sell them so as to have two shows both running to full houses. They then designed backdrops which they painted and scanned onto giant LED screen. Another team did the makeup for the performers, others sold snacks at the beginning and end of the play , ushered about nine hundred people to their seats to ensure that the show went off smoothly. They handled the sound, lights in addition to those that danced, acted and sang in a modern day adaptation of the play that was truly an extravaganza. Two shows were performed to a full house and it truly was a memorable experience. The video was uploaded on youtube for all to see.

The experience was more than any classroom teaching could afford. Apart from time management, responsibility, team work, confidence building and creativity a hundred students from all walks of life got a taste of what it feels like to be a star and no experience compares with that.

Teklogica 2017-18

Like every year the Department of Computer Science organized an intercollegiate competition, “TEKLOGICA”. Students of different colleges participated in an Electronics Project, Poster-making Competition, C Code Warrior, Statistics-Poster presentation, Math Aptitude Test, and other fun games.

EXODUS – Dept of BBA and BBA (CA)

Exodus is an annual festival and intercollegiate event that is hosted by the BBA and the BCA departments. The word Exodus formally means "the mass departure of people". This year, we have connected this meaning to it being a 'way out'.

A way out in its original and typical sense means something that is extremely unconventional and unique - which is what we promise are the perfect words that characterise our fest. A way out is also for all the students to leave their hectic study and routine schedules for a few hours of fun where they participate, learn, teach, encourage, motivate, build confidence, win, lose, get certificates and even network and get to know more people. Exodus is intended to give every participant a platform to show their talents, be fearless and expand their horizons.

It generally ranges from 2 to 3 days and consists of various events, competitions, games, and attractions over these two days. Held towards the end of the year, just when winter strikes the city, the events hosted are cultural and academic; they cover a wide range of fields such as fashion, music, dance, sports, business, management, IT, Science, Commerce, Arts and even Communication.

Public Lecture

Whabiz Merchant Memorial Lecture VIth Edition - 20th January 2018

Prof Merchant introduced the Whabiz Merchant Memorial Lecture with a beautiful poem he had dedicated to his sister who was no more. The series consisted of 10 lectures all over the country where the first five were male speakers and the next five would be women. Thus, St Mira’s kicked off the second leg of the series.

Suniti Namjoshi a renowned writer from the UK is an ex IAS officer who did her Ph.D. on Ezra Pound. She read several of her stories and poems which were delightful, humorous and yet profound. She talked about how the myths mutated over time and focussed on the feminist reworking of some ancient myths like those from the Panchatantra, Aesop Fables, and some ancient Greek myths.

Social outreach

Dept of Politics and Public Administration

Internship with Borderless World Foundation (2018-19)

Zahra Shetranjiwala (FY BA) and Neha Kadali (SY BA) (Dept of Politics and Public Administration) under the guidance of Prof. Veena Kenchi volunteered to intern with the Kashmir based NGO- Borderless World Foundation (BWF).

The summer internship (2018) included staying in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and creating psychological profiles of orphans in the BWF Homes of Jammu, Srinagar, Kupwara, Anantnag and Beerwa. The students also conducted a comparative study of orphans of the Jammu and Srinagar homes.

The internship helped in sensitizing students towards the problems of girls in conflict –prone regions. Interactions with the orphans of BWF have immensely helped the students understand the theoretical concepts of conflict, trauma, human rights violations, gender specific issues in conflict –prone areas.

Borderless World Foundation (BWF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization started by Mr. Adhik Kadam working in Jammu and Kashmir, along the conflict-driven border region in between India, Pakistan & China, BWF has rescued hundreds of girls orphaned in the conflict along the India-Pakistan border. BWF strives toward a vision of "One Great Human Family" through a variety of activities, including disaster relief and emergency medical support for the community and rescuing hundreds of children left orphaned by the ongoing conflict and providing love, support, health care and education to help them grow into a generation of peacemakers.

Students of F.Y.B.Sc. (CS) visited to “ Niwant Andh Mukt Vikasalaya” 2017 - 18

Students of F.Y.B.Sc. (CS) along with class teacher Anjali Kale visited to “ Niwant Andh Mukt Vikasalaya” as a part of social service program. They donated A4 size papers and pencil boxes to the students.

Students of S.Y.B.Sc. (CS) visited to “HOPE” 2017 - 18

Students of S.Y.B.Sc. (CS) along with class teacher Swatee Sarwate visited to “HOPE” – Human organization pioneering in Education as a part of social service program. They donated daily needs to the students.

Cultural Activities

Intercollegiate Competition Winners/Achievers

Guest Lecture

GST Lecture Dept of Accountancy

Department of Accountancy organized a guest lecture on 23rd January 2018 for UG and PG students of Arts and Commerce faculty titled “GST Simplified for You and Me".

CA, CPA Mrs. Aparna Thadani took us through the GST journey in a lucid way, highlighting its significance, impact, benefit, teething problems and the road ahead.

It was a highly interactive session as students had an array of questions and Mrs. Thadani clarified all their doubts. The pertinence of the topic and the simplicity in the explanation of a complicated and debatable subject as GST kept the audience engaged throughout the session.

Guest Lecture on NET/SET

Department of Accountancy organized a guest lecture on ‘ Teaching as a Career Option- a GPS for clearing the NET and SLET’ examination’ on 20th Jan 2018 for Vocational courses faculty, M.A, M.Com and T.Y. students .The objective of the guest lecture was motivating and encouraging students to take up teaching as a full time career.

The guest speaker was Dr. Y. Mithare, Vice Principal of H.V. Desai College, a research guide for M.Phil and Ph.D courses at Savitribai Phule Pune University and a SLET paper setter at SPPU.

It was an enlightening and very informative session as he encouraged the students to take up teaching a career. He guided them to start from Zero, shared the tricks for preparation and solving the NET / SLET papers, a systematic preparation of the study plan, list of reference books and quick tips for time management and digital study.

Japanese Delegation Visit to St. Mira’s College - August 2017

A delegation of teachers from the Wakayama state of Japan visited the St. Mira’s College campus on 26th August 2017. The visit was organized by Mr. Chandrashekhar Rathod in collaboration with Prof. Vibha Rathod and Prof. Veena Kenchi

Mr. Hiroyuki Tsui, Director General for International Affairs, Planning Department, Wakayama Prefectural Government, Japan and Mr. Hirai Hidekazu, Director, Wakayama Prefecture Government, Japan with Sakamoto San, Yamasaki San, Shimizi San, Nakamoto San, Minami San, Onishi San and Takahashi San visited the campus.

They interacted with the staff and students of the college and participated the Ganpati festival celebrations in the college. They appreciated the celebrations and discussed educational collaborations with Indian schools and colleges.

The Sadhu Vaswani Inter College Debate Competition 2017 - 18

The annual Sadhu Vaswani Inter College Debate Competition was held on Wednesday 31st January, to commemorate the 52nd Mahayagna of our revered founder Sadhu T.L. Vaswani. The topic was: “Censorship over Free Speech is justified in a diverse country like India.” The judges were Mr. Suraj Sriram and Ms. Priyanka Menon.

The debate was well attended by teams from fourteen colleges across Pune. The speakers were very articulate; they presented insightful views and defended their positions with fervour. The judges had a tough time deciding on the winners. It was a moment of great pride and joy when Ayushi Halder and Swathi Satish from St. Mira’s were declared the Best Team. They also won the won the Best Speaker prize. Sharon Chandekar and Harshika Shirgaokar from Ness Wadia College won the 2nd Best Speaker prizes and the Runner-Up Team prize. The debate was well attended by more than 140 students.

Whittle Paint and Win Contest

An Inter-Departmental Contest titled - "Whittle, Paint and Win" was held on Saturday, 9th December 2017 at the College Sports Ground. In all, there were 34 teams participating from BA, B.Com, M.Com & BBA Departments. The objective of the activity was to have a fun-filled event by using terms from their favourite subject and creating meaningful quotes relating to love, life, friendship, communication and values by painting them out on T-Shirts.

Our students surprised us with fabulous quotes and also showcased their excellent painting skills.

A few quotes created by our students

  • “Residency of Bad Deeds is appropriately taxed in the court of God”
  • “Love & Drama are a part of life to drink like a Shake, but don’t forget your Speare, to protect yourself from the evil which lacks faith.”
  • “Your sorrow is your loss, and to be happy is your profit, but do not forget, God is your Accountant”

Through this activity, they could link their subject to reality, express and explore their thoughts and emotions in a creative way.