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Romeo and Juliet

On Saturday December 22nd 6pm we are having a grand musical ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Do come buy tickets, they are only Rs 100 and Rs 200. We will also have a registration desk for the alumni set up. In order to have a party we need income so Rs 250 will be charged as an annual fee and Rs 1000 as a life time membership fee to run the Alumni Association. This is your association and you will run it, we are just getting the fun started.

If you like to come back to college and dance in the show we are thrilled to have you. Dance class begins on the 8th of December. The instruction charges are Rs1000. Class is every day until show day on the 22nd. For information please call 

Shweta for tickets:+91 7020 624345

Dimple: +91 98600 12732

Snober for dance info (after 1pm)-+91 9823350426