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The name Saint Mira is synonymous with nobility, wisdom, Indian culture, courage, purity, service, sacrifice and above all, pure love.

She was an advocate of the true freedom for women, which grows out of the love of god and service of the poor. With one strong sweep of her soul, she rose heroically to break the fetters of Indian womanhood. Mira flowered from a rebel into a Saint.

She asserted her will, vindicated her dignity as a woman, only to surrender her will to the Lord, providing a luminous example of “OUR wills are ours to make them Thine!” It is because of these very qualities, which/that Sadhu Vaswani called his experiment in education after this saint of Indian history.

The Mira Movement is, in effect, aimed at the empowerment of women- emotional, intellectual and spiritual. It testifies to the adage: educate a man, and you educate an individual; educate a women you enlighten a whole family.