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Founded originally in Hyderabad-Sind before the partition of India as a Brotherhood Association, it was renamed after its revered founder, Sadhu Vaswani.

The objectives of the Trust are: 

“The primary objective is to spread the message of Brotherhood, Unity and Harmony.”

Other Objectives that flow from the Primary objective are:

  • To promote cultural and spiritual development by starting centres of training in concentration, character building and social service.
  • To provide triple training of head, hand and heart through education in Arts, Fine Arts, Commerce and Management Science, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Home Science, Teachers Training, Law, Veterinary and other areas of education to meet the need of the time.
  • To serve the poor and sick irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

In 1933, Sadhu Vaswani founded the Mira Movement in Education in Sind. Born out of the vision of a philosopher saint, the Mira Movement aimed at the empowerment of women through the right type of education, for Sadhu Vaswani was a visionary who believed deeply in woman power and woman-spirit, long before feminism was even thought of.

He founded the Mira School in Sind in 1932, and the model institution was all set to evolve into a Mira University when the partition of the sub-continent forced him and his band of devoted workers to leave their homeland, Sind, and migrate to Maharashtra in independent India. The State of Maharashtra with its glorious history of culture and liberalism provided a fertile ground for the Mira Movement to take new roots. The Mira Schools and College were set up in quick succession.

Sadhu Vaswani Mission is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 in Pune with the Pune Charity Commissioner Office.


  1. Dada J.P. Vaswani
    Spiritual Head, Sadhu Vaswani Mission
  2. Mrs. R. A. Vaswani
    Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Academician and Former Principal of St. Mira’s College
    Qualifications: MA, M Ed.
    An educationist of repute well known for displaying a keen interest in women’s education and putting into action initiatives for promotion of quality in higher education.
  3. Ms. Krishna Kumari Thadani
    Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission
    Qualification: M. Com.
    Key aide in promoting the objectives of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission; widely recognized and acknowledged for initiative, dynamism and visionary leadership
  4. Dr. Ms. Gulshan Gidwani
    Principal, St. Mira’s College for Girls & Director, Mira Educational Institutions
  5. Dr. Basant Ahuja
    Managing Trustee and Honorary Life Member
    Qualification: BE, Ph.D
    Academician & Deputy Director College of Engineering Pune.
  6. Ms. Piya Uttamchandani
    Key role in Policy and Decision making/Administration – Mira Schools
    Incharge Media Communication – Sadhu Vaswani Mission
  7. Ms. N. T. Jothwani
    Life Member, Sadhu Vaswani Mission & Academician and Former Faculty of St. Mira’s College.
  8. Ms. Rajni Ahuja
  9. Ms. Gulshan Dudani
  10. Mr. Prakash Sadhwani
  11. Ms. Nuri Vaswani